Sunday, March 29, 2009

How do the homeless obtain wheelchairs?

My other sister got a blog the other day after much peer pressure.
I actually like it, probably because its her talking smack about Gab.

However, due to high demand (from Caitlyn) I blog again.

Walking around Spencer Street last week on my lunch break when I found myself crossing the road with a "wheelchair bum". 
How the hell did a homeless person obtain a wheelchair?
Did he pay for it by selling drawings he was doing on the sidewalk with his pee?
I mean, you could tell he was homeless, I'm not just being mean to a man in a wheelchair, I could see the bugs crawling on his skin and he was wearing 2 different shoes, he was homeless.
He was wheeling across the road to meet up with two more "wheelchair bums", so now they have a gang? 
Imagine if they chased you! I don't know if I would be running from them or the smell. 
I didn't care that there was a cluster of homeless men in wheelchairs, the thing that shocked me was what the original wheelchair bum was doing.
He was wearing a sweater with the double hand pockets in the front, like a hoodie with the joined hand warmer pocket thing. In his hand warmer pocket thing he had dozens, and I mean, dozens of cigarette butts. 
You're already homeless man, why do you need to go out and purposely make yourself smell worse then you already do!  

What the fuck?

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