Monday, March 23, 2009

Fuck Karma.

Dear blog, 

I don't usually use the internet for much more then social networking, ticket purchases and celebrity gossip until my sisters, whom I am yet to thank, linked me to the most amazing website I had ever read. -  you may have heard of it.

Basically, people from all over the globe post their embarrassing and humiliating stories for everyone else to laugh at. 

For three days straight I read every single post on the whole website. People discovering they were adopted when taking blood tests, being walked in on during sexual activities with the cousin you didn't know you had and (my personal favourites) being dumped by your boyfriend - for your brother.
This website is full of them. 

Even if they are false, I don't care! 90% of this shit would make amazing screenplays! They are utterly tragic! I'm pretty sure the idea for Star Wars came from this one...

Today, I found out the girl I have been sleeping with is my biological sister...then my best friend was killed by a stormtrooper. FLM 

I think karma came around.

Today, my car broke down in the middle lane of the highway during peak hour in the factory district. Fuck My Life.

It did restore my faith in humanity, I'll give the experience that. Two men pulled over and helped me get my car on the side of the road. If I was stronger and less intimidated I would repay the favor to someone someday. 

Its going to cost me lots of money to repair the hunk of junk. Goodbye New York.

x SJ

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