Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Staying connected with people I pretty much hate.

My sister got a blog today.

Have a read. The title says it all though. (Just kidding Gab, now you should link me).

I got my car back. It keeps making funny noises so I am thinking it may not be entirely safe to drive just yet. However, when I got in it, it had a funny smell and all the seats were sitting as far back as possible. It was towed to the mechanics, the last person to drive it was me and all the work that needed to be done was operated under the hood. Why were all my seats back and the car smell like musk?
Mechanic sex! thats disgusting but the only thing I can conclude. I feel like I should have plastic bags in the seat.

I hate facebook.
People I never spoke too have started to add me as their "friend".
Do we hang out? Do we share clothes and talk about boys? No, we're not friends, even in cyberspace.
I guess cyberspace opens a new definition of "friendship". People whom you have met, one time, maybe two? then there are people who are "friends" of your "friends" they are the worst cyber friends.
Just because I have something in common with someone you know doesnt mean that we will have something in common with each other.

I think the worst part is when people you hate and never talk too have like, 49 common friends as you and then you check who they are and they are people that you both never spoke too in high school! Since when is it okay to be friends online and not in real life? I still hate and I'm pretty sure you still hate me.

When you see these people in the street or at the pub can you officially speak to them on a friendly basis? tell them you've missed them and you like their sweater? no, you cannot, I learnt that the hard way. The worst part is, even though said person shrugged me off, the didn't delete me from their facebook friends!

The more facebook friends you have the cooler you are? I thought that was myspace so you could add heaps of hack bands and look like you are super scene. Facebook was supposed to be a more personal network.
And now you can see exactly what everyone says to everyone else, how is that personal? I can see when you have been bitching about your friends, they can even see it!

Becoming a fan of something, whats that about? You can become a fan of dirt, as in the mineral, not the show. In real life you wouldn't be a fan of "dirt". Would you go to a Dirt Convention? Maybe if you were a gardener or something but because its funny, you are a Facebook Fan of Dirt.

Still, I am friends with everyone from my graduation class, and the one below me and I am a fan of Skittles and Cheese, I just cannot get enough of the pointlessness.

Don't add me. SJ x

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