Friday, April 3, 2009

I could be a more interesting Hannah Montana.

So I am reading two books right now.

1. Kurt Cobains Journals
2. Miles to Go - Miley Cyrus.

Yeah, a bit of a contrast. 
Safe to say I don't get confused about which I am reading and which information I have obtained from which book. 
It got me thinking though, If you can write such a lengthy biography at 15/16 imagine what Kurt Cobain's would have been like now?

This year marks 15 years since Kurt Cobain's death.
This year marks 16 years since Miley Cyrus' birth. 

Given his would be like, triple the size of Cyrus', I wonder if it would contain a radically different story line.
Sure, as much as I wish to believe, Miley is not a herion addict (well I'm not at the end of the book yet so this statement could still be retracted). 
But Kurt Cobain was a voice of a generation. He was a megastar, a pioneer, similar in the way Miley/Hannah Montana is?
Ok, I use the word similar loosely.

Its just totally weird to think, 15 years ago, teenagers were all about their angst and rebellion, trying to develop some form of revolution led by music and inspired by Kurt Cobain and the grunge era which changed the industry.
Now? We're reading biographies and going stalker crazy for 16 year old sugar coated popstars whos greatest obstacle is finding time between multi-billion dollar sell out tours to film an a spin off to her award winning television program.
Thats pretty fucked. 

I think if Kurt Cobain was alive, he'd be pretty pissed.

On another note, I went to V FESTIVAL yesterday.

Yeah, thats the Kills ( Front row.
Probably the best of the whole day but I am bias because they were my favourites on the whole line up.

Also on the bill was Duffy, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Jenny Lewis, Vanilla Ice, The Human League, Madness, The Do and a bunch of other bands who I didn't watch.

We arrived just in time to catch the end of Duffy's set which was amazing. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top. We were wearing jeans and sweaters. Its bizarre to think that what we in Australia consider cold, a lot of other countries consider warm. It was close to rain and she was dressed for the beach. None the less, she was amazing.

We accidently walked in on The Do while we were searching for toilets and beer. I'm glad we did because they were amazing, I can't turn them off now.

Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) played a great set too. We were too energetic to sit and watch the whole thing, especially since Shaun Sha Bang found Twister at the Coke Zero tent but we could hear her behind us and she was great. 

I got to hear Razorlight do "In the Morning" which was cool. Other then that I didn't stay for the set. I did hear that Johnny Borrell ran out into the crowd though.

I rocked up early for the Kills set, equip with my new Kills t-shirt which I will probably not take off all week. Allison was smoking up a storm, I think in total she lit up about 4 times. She seemed pretty spaced too. She still put on a great show and inspired me to get some gold boots and grow my bangs all the way to my nose. No Kate Moss in sight although many people told me she was in the vicinity. 

Kaiser Chiefs were sick. They only played a few songs I didn't know which is interesting considering I own none of their albums. I guess everyone just likes to cover their songs (Lily Allen, Paramore, Cut Copy). 

I saw, maybe 4 seconds of Snow Patrol and even that bored me. The crowd was massive for them though. There was apparently 20,000 punters on the day. That was obvious during the Killers set because they were all there. Surprisingly, I actually didn't hate the Killers. They played all the songs I knew which was nice and I spent all of "Human" dancing with strangers instead of making my way to the toilet.

All in all, I'd go back next year with the promise of an equally diverse lineup and more toilet facilities. 
Seriously, it was gross. We were sitting against a wall behind all the food stands and there was boys coming up all night peeing around our sitting circle and the gates surrounding. We had to move everything so it wouldn't get drenched in urine. 

Needless to say, I showered extra long, just in case, when I got home.

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  1. Nice one SJ i dig it! Ive just started a Kurt Cobain biography too!